Whats a DAO?
DAO is an acronym for decentralized autonomous organization. A DAO is a self governing body of people who coordinate activities by using tokens to weight vote power. DAO's have recently been recognized by the state of Wyoming as legitimate business entities.



FRONTIER is a community led coalition of Science Fiction fanatics. We crave a sense of collaboration and exploration.

With the emergence of blockchain and NFT technology, it has never been easier to coordinate resources for Public Roleplaying.

This is why we are asking the community to join us on our journey toward turning the FRONTIER project into a DAO.

FRONTIER is a 100% community owned, digital property NFT project.

Purchase the $FNTR token to become a Pioneer today.



FRONTIER tokens are the investment tool to purchase virtual assets in the FRONTIER project.

These assets will be realized as ERC721 NFT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.