Becoming a Pioneer

Travel the stars, build the base of your dreams, profit from the resources you capture.

Pioneers are the founders of FRONTIER.

The "Makers" (developers) will seed the initial liquidity needed to create the $FNTR token on Ethereum.

Then, the Makers incentivize Pioneers to "build" with this native governance token.

Pioneers can "build" by contributing constructive documents/ideas and research toward the project.

There are plenty of things that need to be done such as, concept art, modeling, data-logging, copywriting, legal, marketing, business development and much more.

Skilled human resources are always scarce. 

Community members that step up into leadership roles will be rewarded with $FNTR tokens which have an Ethereum value, but more importantly have governance voting weight.


Use your in game character name here :

Your enlistment has been recorded.

Only 10,000 Pioneer Class NFT's will ever be minted. They have a starting price of  0.05 Ethereum.